Payroll deductions due to “glitch” put on hold

Many of you have received notices that the MTA will be deducting from pay checks, “overpayments” that were made by a “glitch”  in the payroll system.  The General Committee was informed of the “glitch” at the same time the letters were sent.  The General Committee argued against these unfair deduction as they were no fault of the employees, and demanded a cancelation of the deductions.  When the MTA refused to relent, the General Committee studied the labor code and found potential violations of the law.  The General Committee then directed legal council to investigate the issue and find a legal solution.  As a result, the deductions, that were scheduled for today, have been put on hold until a legal review can run its course.  This does not mean that the deduction may not eventually occur, but for now the deductions will not happen.  An announcement will be made once a legal decision has been made.