SMART & LACMTA hold first negotiation session

Yesterday, February 15th, 2017, SMART General Committee 875 and the LACMTA held its first negotiation session at the SMART offices in Irwindale, CA.  

SMART Transportation President John Previsich was in attendance to observe and offer his advice and support. “Bus and Rail Operators are an important piece of the SMART Union organization. I am here to offer my support and assistance to get an equitable and fair contract that our members deserve.” said Previsich.  Transportation President Previsich will continue to monitor the progress of the negotiations and attend sessions on occasion to continue that support.

The two sides will meet again today at the LACMTA offices at Union Station. 

During the duration of the negotiations, no specific agendas, proposals or tentative agreements will be shared publicly, by either side, until an agreement is ready for ratification by the members.  This policy is not in place to unnecessarily keep information from the members but is designed to protect the negotiations process.  There are no agreements until both sides have signed, so it would be premature to offer any specific information until that time.

You can stay up to date on contract negotiations by visiting