General Committee 875 Continues the Fight for Lines 190 & 194

Last week it was reported that the LA Metro Board voted to approve the staff recommendation to transfer Lines 190 & 194 to Foothill Transit following a motion from Supervisor Don Knabe on Line 270.  After the MTA Board Meeting, news media reported the inclusion of Lines 190 and 194 as well as members of MTA Operations staff.  After further analysis of the board recap of actions, it appears Lines 190 & 194 were not included in the official motion presented by Supervisor Knabe and therefore were not voted on to be transferred by the rest of the board.  In short, General Committee 875 still has an opportunity to save these lines.

On Wednesday General Chairman Marco Gudino and Local Chairman Robert Gonzalez met with their legal team to determine the next steps in their challenge.  Following the deliberations, General Chairman Marco Gudino sent a letter to the MTA Staff and the Board requesting all information and correspondence in regards the proposed transfer of Lines 190 and 194.  The letter also gives notice to enter into formal negotiations in order to settle the dispute.  You can read a copy of the letter by following the link below.

letter to MTA

It is the desire of General Chairman Gudino to resolve this matter quickly, so that the Operators of Division 9 can bid on Lines 190 and 194 during the upcoming June Shake Up.

It is not surprising how so many people could be confused on the board actions around Lines 190 and 194.  The entire process, to include last week’s MTA Board meeting, has been so bizarre.  General Chairman Marco Gudino and the General Committee will be seeking clarity on the board action so they can proceed on their challenge to the transfer of Lines 190 and 194.