SMART General Committee 875 Endorses Janice Hahn for County Supervisor

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March 10, 2016

LA Metro Bus and Rail Operator's Union Endorses Janice Hahn for County Supervisor 

Irwindale, CA-  SMART Transportation Division, General Committee 875, is proud to announce it's endorsement of Janice Hahn for Los Angeles County Supervisor.

The Hahn family's history with Los Angeles is a historic one.  Janice Hahn's father, Kenneth Hahn, was a legendary Los Angeles leader who served as Supervisor for 40 years.  "Kenny" Hahn is credited for the growth of Downtown LA, the expansion of public transportation in the county and even for the Dodgers relocation from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.  He was a stalwart defender of civil rights, workers rights and he was the only elected official to greet Dr. Martin Luther King when he visited Los Angeles in 1961.  That was the environment that Janice Hahn was raised in and those are the values that have guided her career of service.

Janice Hahn has served the people of South Los Angeles for nearly 20 years.  Her career includes service in the Los Angeles City Council and in the US House of Representatives.  As a member of the LA City Council, Janice was described as it's most pro-labor member and it is a moniker that she proudly accepts.  Hahn has been an opponent of layoffs and furloughs for city workers, walked picket lines with Longshoreman and helped to fight wage theft for truck drivers.  She has supported efforts to raise the minimum wage and condemned private business for unnecessary layoffs and outsourcing.  Janice Hahn even helped to broker a deal between Port of Los Angeles Management and Labor after port management locked out employees during contract negotiations.  The County of Los Angeles could not find a more qualified or vigorous supporter of hard working people than Janice Hahn.

Janice Hahn has more knowledge and experience in the region than all the other candidates for Supervisor combined.   Janice Hahn is one of the greatest friends and supporters of working class families in Los Angeles County.  Janice Hahn will continue the great tradition and legacy that her father began almost 65 years ago.  It is for all these reasons that SMART General Committee 875 is proud to support Janice Hahn for Los Angeles County Supervisor.

SMART, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, is one of North America’s most dynamic and diverse unions with 216,000 members.  The General Committee of Adjustment 875 (GO875) represents the nearly 5000 bus and train operators employed by the Los Angeles County Municipal Transportation Authority know as LA Metro.  For more information about SMART and GO-875, contact Andrew Gonzales at