Bus Riders and Bus Operators Say "No!" to Foothill Transit and "No!" to Service Changes

Last night, union members from SMART Transportation Division General Committee 875 joined bus riders and community members to oppose the elimination of Bus Lines 190 and 194 at a meeting of the San Gabriel Valley Service Council.  The meeting, which filled the room and spilled out into the hallway, unanimously spoke out against the proposed service changes.  72 speaker cards in all were turned in and not a single one spoke favorably of Foothill Transit taking over the lines.

Bus riders and members of the community praised the LA Metro operators for the professionalism, customer service and dedication to on time performance.  The exact opposite was said of Foothill Transit operations.  Public transportation riders in the audience criticized Foothill Transit for their poor on time performance, poor customer service, limited service options and inadequate service hours.

At the conclusion of the meeting, San Gabriel Valley Service Council members praised those in attendance and had tough questions for members of the MTA staff.  Following the public comment period, the service councils will make recommendations on the proposed service changes to the MTA Board.  After considering the recommendations, the MTA Board will then vote on the service changes at their General Board Meeting at the end of February or March.

If you did not get a chance to attend a public meeting and would like to leave a comment for the service councils, you have until February 13th to submit written comments.

Comments sent via U.S Mail should be addressed to:
Metro Customer Relations
Attn: June 2016 Service Changes
1 Gateway Plaza, 99-PL-4
Los Angeles, CA 90012-2932

Comments via e-mail should be addressed to:
Attn: “June 2016 Service Changes”

Facsimiles should be addressed as above and sent to: