David Ojeda: May 26, 1960 - February 10, 2016

David Ojeda can best be described as a "giant teddy bear" of a man who loved his family and friends, loved God and loved his Union.  David did his best to milk life for all it was worth while sharing all of it with his friends, his family and his co-workers.  If you were lucky enough to know David, then you know how he brought joy and optimism where ever he went and how he tried to spread that attitude to the people he would meet. 

David Ojeda spent 18 years as a union officer bringing that sense of optimism with him to inspire others and to make the lives of his Union brothers and sisters better.  His journey as an officer almost didn't happen though. 

After being nominated as shop steward, David was unsure about being able to do or even wanting the job, so he turned in a letter to Local Chairman Robert Gonzalez signaling his desire to withdraw from the race.

"I told him what a great shop steward and union officer I knew he could be" said Gonzalez.

After speaking with Robert, David agreed to continue on.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  David served as shop steward, a delegate, secretary LCofA and as Local 1563 President for 5 terms.  "I never turned in that letter," said Robert Gonzales.  "and I still hold that letter today."

When the Teamsters initiated a representation drive on members of Local 1496 in Riverside CA, David volunteered to help Union President Lonnie Hookfin in speaking with the members.  Together they spent hours explaining to the membership the many benefits and advantages of UTU representation.  David, a friend of Lonnie’s, was able to give the members of Local 1496 a perspective from another local on how to work together.  His willingness and commitment to assist fellow officers and members, to help them identify, improve and advance their mutually beneficial goals for the betterment of all, is what David brought to this Union everyday.

David Ojeda exemplified what it meant to be a father and husband, a true and dear friend and a great Union Man.  This Union and this world will not be the same with him gone.  David has undoubtedly moved on to a better place that he is certain to make even better.  David Ojeda will truly be missed.