General Chairman Meets with Mark Ridley-Thomas on 190 and 194

On Thursday February 18th, General Chairman Marco Gudino met with Los Angeles County Supervisor and LACMTA Board Chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration to discuss the proposed elimination of MTA Bus Lines 190 & 194.  Gudino was accompanied by ATU Local 1277 President Arturo Aguilar who is also concerned about the privatization and outsourcing of MTA services to Foothill Transit and other transit agencies.

This was the first official meeting between General Chairman Gudino and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.  The Supervisor was encouraged by the outreach from Gudino and expressed a desire for more regular contact and collaboration with the Union.  Supervisor Ridley-Thomas was well aware of the issues surrounding the proposed MTA Service Changes and Lines 190 & 194.  He was also very much aware of the two Union Leaders' concerns about subcontracting and outsourcing of work.

Although no promises or decisions were made at this meeting, General Chairman Gudino left the meeting feeling encouraged about the possible results.  It was extremely important to get the concerns of the workers and the riding public in front of the LACMTA Board Chairman who may ultimately decide the fate of lines 190 and 194.