In February 2017, the LACMTA will vote on a comprehensive security policy to provide police services to the LA Metro system.  The LACMTA Staff recommendation is to end its current contract with the LA County Sheriffs Department and enter into a multi-agency policing strategy with Los Angeles Police, Long Beach Police and Los Angeles County Sheriffs combined.

You can see the LACMTA Staff recommendation by following the link below.

Metro Comprehensive Policing and Security Strategy

The LACMTA Board has requested more information before it votes on a final plan.  This request for more information gives the LA Metro operators a unique opportunity to have an impact on who will be policing the system for the next 5 years.  The General Committee is looking for stories of when operators had a situation that required assistance from the LA Sheriffs or other law enforcement agencies while operating a bus or train.  What was the outcome?  Did the interaction make you feel safe or protected?  Who do you think should police the system?

The General Committee is asking for these stories to be written so that they may be delivered to the LACMTA Board in February.  Write a letter or use the form below to draft your response.  Mail or deliver it to the union offices in Irwindale or to any Local Chairman no later than Monday, February 13, 2017.  Please only send one response or letter, please keep your comments brief and please no emails.