VOTE! It’s the SMART Thing to do

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th.  SMART General Committee 875 encourages all of its members to go and Vote. 

It is the duty of every union member to vote.  It is a privilege to be a union member and to have the ability to collectively bargain.  What used to be a right is under attack and union members need to do everything they can to protect their right to organize.  As quickly as you can negotiate for better wages, benefits and working conditions at the bargaining table, the legislature and congress can take it away.  That’s why voting for pro-union candidates and causes is so important. 

To help its members in the decision making process, General Committee 875 has put together a list of Los Angeles County endorsements for this election.  Included is the list of endorsements from the SMART California State Legislative Board.  For more information, log onto and click on Campaign 2016 at the top of the page.

VOTE! It’s the SMART thing to do.

Measure M                                                      Yes

County Supervisor 4th District                      Janice Hahn

County Supervisor 5th District                      Kathryn Barger

California State Legislative Board Endorsements

President of the United States                     Hillary Clinton

United States Senator                                   Kamala Harris

California State Legislative Board Endorsements for State Assembly and Senate can be found here