Its Yes on Measure M

There was chaos and upheaval in last night’s election results.  Pollsters were called out, and election experts were put to shame.  One race that held true to its projections and one that nearly 70% of Los Angeles County voters agreed on was Yes on Measure M.

Measure M is a historic victory for the LA County commuters, public transportation customers and transportation workers.  Measure M will extend the current Measure R half cent sales tax passed in 2008 and would add an additional half cent in perpetuity.  The funding will go operate and expand the public transportation network, make road and freeway improvements and fund transportation initiatives in smaller LA County cities.

SMART General Committee 875 got involved early in the process and helped to craft the legislation ensuring there would be money for public transportation operations.  Those dollars will help ensure reliable bus services to connect transit riders to the ever-expanding light rail system.

SMART General Committee 875 is gratified by last night’s passage of Measure M and is excited for the future of Los Angeles County public transportation.  Measure M is a piece of much needed great news for county residents, commuters and workers.