Vote YES on Measure M



Irwindale CA-  SMART General Committee 875 proudly endorses YES on Measure M because Measure M is a good deal for Los Angeles County residents, commuters and workers.

Measure M is a Los Angeles County, sales tax, ballot initiative that that will extend the current Measure R sales tax and impose and additional half percent sales tax.  The taxes will pay for transportation projects, operations and services throughout the county for at least the next 60 years.  Measure R was responsible for the transportation expansion that LA County has enjoyed in recent years and Measure M will double down on the mission to expand public transportation even further. 

Measure M is a good deal for anyone who is interested in transportation issues.  Every resident of Southern California has wished for a better way to get around the region and Measure M seeks to grant that wish.  Measure M will expand the current light rail system in order to bring rapid transportation services to more areas of the county.  In order to get these new riders to and from the popular light rail stations, additional bus services would be needed to pick up and drop off in order to start and complete the journey.  Although light rail is a major emphasis of the new construction, bus service will continue to be a vital resource and the back bone of the public transportation system. 

Measure M is a good deal for jobs.  Not only will Measure M ensure and secure the jobs that exist today, but Measure M will finance the strong middle class jobs of tomorrow.  From the beginning of the ballot proposal process, General Committee 875 worked diligently with state, county and city officials to ensure that money for operations would be included just as it had been in Measure R.  The operations budget is what pays for the bus and rail operating expenses which includes operators, mechanics and service attendants.  A healthy operations budget could lead to increased services hours on current lines and routes, reduce the need to eliminate service on “poor performing” lines and provide for new types of "First Mile / Last Mile" services that MTA employees could take advantage of.

Measure M is a good deal for Los Angeles County commuters because Measure M will redefine what transportation looks like in the region.  Measure M is a good deal for Los Angeles County workers because Measure M will finance the good middle class job of the future.  Measure M is a good deal for Los Angeles County.  Vote YES on Measure M.

___________________________________________________________________SMART Transportation Division General Committee 875 is the collective bargaining unit for the nearly 5000 bus and light rail operators for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority also know as LA Metro.  For more information please contact Andrew Gonzales at (626) 962-9980 or by email at