Local 1563 Member Anthony Williams Honored for Protecting MTA Bus Passengers

SMART Transportation Local 1563 member and LA Metro Bus operator Anthony Williams was honored at the LACMTA General Board Meeting yesterday for his actions in protecting passengers on his bus route.

While operating on Line 105, Mr. Williams was notified by a passenger that there was a man asleep with a gun in the back of the bus.  Upon confirming the information for himself, he calmly stopped at the next available stop and ushered passengers off the bus.  He then notified law enforcement who arrived shortly afterwards to take the man away without incident.  Mr. Williams was invited to the January LACMTA General Board Meeting at 1 Gateway Plaza to be recognized and honored for his actions.

"I was just doing my job," said Williams. "I wasn't expecting all this."

Local 1563 Chairman Robert Gonzalez was on hand to help congratulate and honor Anthony Williams for his actions.