Proposed MTA Service Changes Canceled

A month ago, General Committee of Adjustment 875 reported that the MTA had proposed service changes that would eliminate certain lines of service. The General Committee is pleased report that those plan are currently canceled.

Since December of last year, General Committee 875 has been tracking the potential service changes and gathering support to prevent them from going forward. As soon as the news of the services changes was released, all available stakeholders were mobilized to speak with members of MTA staff and members of the MTA board in opposition. Near the end of May, new MTA CEO Phillip Washington released a memo to MTA Staff communicating that the service changes were canceled pending a full financial review. The General Committee also received confirmation last week that the public meetings scheduled for July by the local Service Councils, have also been canceled.

Following the full financial review, some or even all of the proposed services changes may return. The General Committee has signaled its commitment to track and follow the review process, as well as to fight any discontinuation of lines or outsourcing of labor to other transit agencies.