MTA Proposed Service Change

Metro staff members have developed a list of proposed route changes and route eliminations scheduled for December on this year. Meeting have also already been scheduled and are awaiting approval for public comment on these proposed changes. The list of routes and meetings can be found by following the link below.


The San Gabriel Valley Service Council will hold a meeting today in Division 9 at 5pm which will include a proposal from Foothill Transit on assuming responsibility of the 190/194 Lines. Handing Lines 190/194 to Foothill Transit will immediately effect 18 full-time and 17 part-time operators. Any members who will be in Division 9 at 5pm today are encouraged to speak out against this plan.


The General Committee has been working with local labor allies to aggressively lobby against many of these route changes. We are also looking into any contract violations that these modifications may incur and the General Committee is ready to defend the worker protections provisions held within.