SMART Inland Empire Action Committee

There’s a change happening in the Inland Empire and SMART is leading the way!   

Union families are asking tough questions about how the region should grow and what impact unaccountable developers have on working families.  Will family supporting jobs be created?  What impact will there be on traffic and air quality?  Will our schools be able to handle the increased students?

You’re Sister and Brother SMART union members, whom are Sheet Metal Workers, have been leading a campaign to hold Lewis Group accountable to working families who live in and near the City of Highland.   They want the proposed huge Harmony development to provide good paying construction jobs and have less negative impacts on the quality of life for the families that live in and around Highland.

Thousands of new homes are being proposed that will generate over 33,000 daily car trips. A few thousand new students will be enrolled in area schools.  No commitments are being made to pay decent wages to construction workers.  Lewis Group, the developer, is simply not addressing these issues sufficiently.  (Visit to find out more!)
You are invited to hear more about how the Harmony development will impact working families in your community.   Feel free to invite you spouse, family member or neighbor.  Please call Jesse Ayala at (909) 936 7630 if you have any questions.

Mi Cocina
27961 Highland Ave  Highland, CA (909) 425-0393
6:00 P.M.       Thursday, August 9th
See you there!!