Electric Bus Maker Accused of Violating Agreements

Electric Bus manufacturer BYD Motors, who has contracts with LA Metro and Long Beach Transit, has been accused of violating contract agreement with the transit agencies, the public and the tax payers of Los Angeles County.  The alleged violations include failing to meet the living wage ordnance, creating an unsafe and hostile work environment, and outsourcing jobs earmarked for low income Los Angeles residents to overseas manufacturers in China. 

Jobs to Move America will be holding a press conference and demonstration in front of BYD Motors headquarters (1800 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles CA 90015) on Tuesday, December 1 from 11AM - 1PM.  The purpose of the press conference is to bring public attention to these alleged violations and to demand that BYD Motors comply with investigations.  You can read a copy of a letter Jobs to Move America has sent to BYD Motors by following the link below.


Jobs to Move America is a national organization dedicated to ensuring that the billions of public dollars spent on public transit systems create better results for our communities: quality jobs, cleaner systems and more opportunity for low-income people. Our organization represents taxpaying organizations and individuals from the Los Angeles region.