Congratulations on Our New Contract

Congratulations on Our New Contract

The General Committee of Adjustment would like to congratulate its members on their new contract.  Through hard work and perseverance the union members of the SMART Transportation Division in one vote eliminated the two tier system, re-wrote the book on discipline and protected their healthcare benefits.

The number one issue of importance to operators was the work rules.  Operators were being treated unfairly with discipline.  The union negotiating team has produced a document that will save the jobs and careers of its members.  This committee is committed to policing and enforcing the protections that were negotiated for its members. These work rules will serve as a model for other transportation bargaining units in the future. 

The next major issue was pay.  The two tier system that was in place served as a major source of stress and contention since 1997.  In this contract younger operators will see significant pay raises as a reward for their seniority status.  This was a major step in securing a bright future for the union and its membership.

Another major article of concern for the members was their healthcare benefits.  Since the last contract the Affordable Care Act put a squeeze on bargaining units all over the country.  In this contract the General Committee was able to secure increased contributions to the Health and Welfare Trust that will prevent premium increases while at the same time allowing the Trust to lower doctor’s office co-pays.  This contract secures the membership’s healthcare benefits for the life of the contract and beyond.

This contract ushers in a new era for this union and its members.  The benefits of this contract will be felt by our members today and members in the future.  In Solidarity we find Strength.  In Strength we find Courage.  In Courage we find Victory.  In Victory we find Solidarity.  United as one in Solidarity there is nothing we cannot achieve.