The New Article 1 and the Benefits of Seniority

During contract negotiations the General Committee heard a lot from the members about their frustration with the Two Tier system.  Under the new progressive pay structure proposed in this new tentative agreement, the Tiers are once and for all eliminated and the future of bus and rail operators pay checks is secured for years to come.

Under the old system operators hired after July 1, 1997 had no path to the top pay scale.  As of October 1st that unfair system is thrown out and all operators will be rewarded for their seniority.  During the life of this 3 year contract, several hundred senior operators who were previously excluded from the top pay scale will finally be able to take advantage of their seniority and earn their way in.  Younger operators who are still accumulating seniority will be compensated accordingly with significant pay increases along their career along with the comfort of knowing that the top pay level is within reach.  For almost all SMART Transportation Division members from Part-Timers to the most senior operators, this will be the most financially lucrative contract they have ever seen.

Synopses were mailed out to the membership and if you did not receive one, make sure that the union has updated contact information for you.  You can call the union offices at 626-962-9980 or you can email the union through our website and click on “CONTACT”.  If you are emailing, please include your full name, union local, and badge number along with your current address and phone number.