Part Time Operators Promoted

The General Committee made a commitment at the beginning of negotiations that no part of the agreements would be released until a full tentative agreement was reached. But on this particular issue the Part-time operators would be ill served.  By implementing this now Part-time Operators will not have to wait till November 2014 to exercise this new benefit.


We are so pleased to announce a minor development that has come out of the current contract negotiations.  Before negotiations began we expressed our deep concern for the economic well being of our part time operators.  During the meetings in February, part time operators were also an issue of concern expressed by both part time and full time operators.  As promised, action on the issue has been made.


On Monday June 16th through Wednesday June 25th there will be a notification for the promotion of all part time operators to full time status.  During this time operators who wish to not be promoted can decline promotion by exercising three options.  An operator can choose to opt out of the newly created Part-Time Seniority Roster before the notification period begins.  An operator who makes it onto the Part-Time Seniority roster can choose to decline a promotion offer prior to the effective date of the promotion or decline a promotion offer “due to changes in pay rate.”


This negotiated change has the potential to substantially enhance the lives of over 900 union members and their families.


Please join us in congratulating and celebrating with our part time operators on their promotions.  It is when we are united as one that victories like this are possible.  In Solidarity we find Strength.  In Strength we find Courage.  In Courage we find Victory. In Victory we find Solidarity.  When we are united in Solidarity, there is nothing we cannot achieve.