Tentative Agreement Reached with the MTA

As a result of hard work and a difficult negotiating process, we are proud to announce that your General Committee has reached a tentative agreement on our contract with the MTA negotiations team.

In the very near future our membership will receive a synopsis of the tentative agreements explaining all the changes that were negotiated by your General Committee.  Included in the synopsis you will find significant changes to Articles 26 and 27, ushering in a progressive discipline model and enhancing job security.  There will also be substantial increases to base pay rates as well as increased contributions by the MTA to our Health and Welfare Trust.

Ballots will be mailed to the membership by the California State Mediation Service by July 2nd.  The California State Mediation Service is an independent state run organization that will keep the ballot process free and fair.  Members who do not receive a ballot by July 9th must contact the union office as soon as possible so that a duplicate ballot can be mailed out.  Members who need a duplicate ballot should call (626) 962-9980.  Ballots must be received by the California State Mediation Service no later than 5pm on July 17th in order to be tabulated for the ratification process which will occur on July 18th.

The General Committee takes the responsibility to its members and their families very seriously.  We are extremely grateful for the input and the turn out to the meetings in February and the support and patience you have shown during this process.  We are extremely proud of the work we have done and we encourage all of our membership to ratify this contract.  In Solidarity we find Strength.  In Strength we find Courage.  In Courage we find Victory.  In Victory we find Solidarity.  United as one in Solidarity, there is nothing we cannot achieve.