Operator Assault Case Update

The case against Geovanny Falcon for the assault on a SMART Transportation Division Bus Operator, has been assigned to the District Attorney’s office and will have a preliminary hearing this week.  DDA Kirsten Brown will be in charge of the case and has offered to keep the SMART TD informed as the case proceeds. 

DDA Brown has suggested that this is a straightforward case that is not expected to make it to trial.  The compelling video evidence and admissions from Mr. Falcon make this a fairly simple case without much defense.  The DA’s office is not taking this case lightly though and is aware of the serious nature of this crime and its importance to our members.  GCA 875 SMART has communicated our desire to see the maximum sentence for Mr. Falcon in order to send a message and deter other potential predators.

The next court date for Mr. Falcon is scheduled for Friday, December 12, 8:30 AM at the Van Nuys West Court House, Department 122.  There will be a preliminary hearing for the assault and a probation violation.  DDA Brown has informed us that any members are welcome to attend any and all court dates but that this first one will probably be postponed or continued to a later date.

As always, we will report back with any new information as it becomes available.