General Committee of Adjustment 875

Solidarity is not just a feeling of sympathy for one another. Solidarity is the unwavering commitment to a common cause because as a Union we are all responsible for one another. There will be rabble rousers and trouble makers who will seek to sow the seeds of discontent. We need to ignore those minority voices and stand with those who believe in this cause and what it means. Now more than ever is the time when we need to be able to look around you and see a brother and a sister who has our back. We need all of our Union brothers and sisters to buy into and own that responsibility.

In solidarity we find strength. In strength we find courage. In courage we find victory. In victory we find solidarity. When we are united in solidarity there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

SMART Transportation Division GCA 875 is the exclusive collective bargaining unit for the over 5000 bus and light rail operators, separated into 5 different union locals, for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Agency otherwise known as LACMTA. 

The operators of SMART have the important task of providing safe and efficient transportation service to almost half a million riders in Los Angeles County every day. While the operators are busy on the buses and the rails, the General Committee of Adjustment 875 is busy ensuring that the operators have the pay, benefits and working conditions worthy of their noble profession.


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